tesa® ACXplus

Design it. Bond it. Rely on it. Proven bonding performance with tesa® ACXplus by your side.

For years, tesa® ACXplus has been the trusted, high quality bonding solution for challenging applications. tesa® ACXplus double-sided acrylic core foam tapes support your need for design freedom and speed, while improving efficiency and productivity. Reliable and relied on by industries including:

  • Rail
  • Trucks and other special vehicles (ambulances, camping-car, caravans…)
  • Marine (boat, yatch)
  • Buildings – windows, doors, signage and more

The challenge of joining a variety of materials

Constructive and permanent bonding can be a challenge in almost every industry. Often different materials need to be bonded – for example aluminum, steel, glass, fiber composites, plastics, painted or powder-coated surfaces. In today’s design concepts, high-tech materials need to be bonded without affecting their special structures and properties.

For powerful, long-lasting bonds, even on materials with different surface characteristics.

Traditional mechanical fasteners like screws, rivets, and welds may provide insufficient bonds. Over time, they can come loose or start to rattle, and they can damage the joined materials. To overcome this challenge, tesa’s high performance acrylic foam tapes provide reliable solutions for permanent bonding applications, optimizing your manufacturing processes, and helping you to offer competitive products to the market.

Product Range

Mechanical features of our tesa® ACXplus assortment

The high performance of tesa® ACXplus acrylic foam tapes is based on a special feature: viscoelasticity.

Viscoelasticity describes a material performance which is defined by both elastic and viscous characteristics. The elastic restoring forces provide inner strength while the viscous part of the material behavior leads to relaxation of mechanical stresses.  tesa® ACXplus employs a special acrylic adhesive system that combines both effects in an outstanding way:

Inner Core Strength

Elastic and viscous characteristics provide the strength for a permanent bond

Constant product features over time even in outdoor conditions

tesa® ACXplus can compensate static loads over the entire bond’s duration of the product life cycle

Stress dissipation

Our acrylic foam tapes compensate for thermal elongation of different materials

Dynamic stresses are optimally dissipated for a secure bond

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