Carbon Offset Initiative


At NPP we are committed to the development and supply of sustainable packaging solutions. Eco Wrap and Mini Reels which are manufactured inhouse, are available as Carbon Neutral Products.

To achieve this certification we have undertaken the following steps;

  • Calculated the Product Carbon Footprint of EcoWrap and Mini Reels
  • Implemented a Carbon Management Strategy to reduce and avoid these emissions
  • Contributed to an independently certified Carbon Offset programme

Calculation of our
Product Carbon Footprint

A Product Carbon Footprint calculates the emissions of a product across its entire lifecycle including manufacture and disposal.  Working with Climate Partner, a global climate action partner, we have measured the carbon emissions that occur throughout the lifecycle of EcoWrap and Mini Reels, from raw materials, production, packaging, and logistics through to waste disposal.  Calculating the emissions related to these products allows us to identify carbon hotspots within the production process and is the first step in developing a carbon management plan.

Carbon Emission
Reduction and Avoidance

Implementing a strategy to reduce and avoid the carbon emissions associated with our products is essential. At NPP, we are actively taking measures to reduce our emissions.  We work hard to minimise the waste we generate during production through regular examination and upgrading of our production processes.

Another important step in carbon avoidance is our implementation of a Core Recovery Programme.  Adhering to the principles of the circular economy, we recover the used cardboard cores from our customers.  These cores are returned to our factory where they are assessed for quality and then re-entered into production.  This greatly reduces the number of new cores that need to be manufactured for this product.

Carbon Offset through a Certified Programme

The offset of unavoidable carbon emissions is an important component in climate action. Carbon projects prevent the generation of Greenhouse gas emissions or help to remove emissions from the atmosphere.

We have chosen to contribute to Carbon Offset projects that have been independently verified and certified to meet the following criteria.

  • Additionality
  • Exclusion of double counting
  • Permanence
  • Regular verification by an independent third party

To date we have offset over 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Our Supported Projects Include:

Clean Wind Energy in Ovalle, Chile

This project uses renewable energy to supply electricity Chile, and has an estimated annual emissions reduction of 197,424 tonnes of CO2.

Renewable Energy Generation in Asia

The project activities in this portfolio contribute to increasing the share of renewable energies in regional and national grids.

Biomass Fossil Fuel Fade Out Programme in Soacha, Colombia

This programme replaces the use of fossil fuel with biomass, resulting in an estimated annual emission reduction of over 18,000 tonne of CO2 per annum.

This investment in verified carbon offset projects together with our work to avoid and reduce our product carbon emissions are important steps in our goal to offer customers sustainable packaging solutions.


Carbon Neutral on Request

Our EcoWrap and Eco Mini Reel products are carbon neutral on request. How exactly does this work?

You can choose a carbon neutral version of our products. This means that we calculate our carbon emissions and offset them via a carbon offset project. By doing so, you will receive the unique label stating “carbon neutral” to label your products. This will provide transparency to your customers of your carbon neutrality. The ID and tracking URL on the label allow your customers to view the emissions, the offset amount and the carbon offset project itself.

The carbon offset projects are certified according to international standards and demonstrably save on carbon emissions. Additional security is guaranteed by ClimatePartner’s TÜV-Austria-certified process for carbon offsetting.


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