Corrugated Design & Manufacture

Smart, Sustainable, Secure

Smart: Innovatively designed to maximize efficiency and brand impact whilst minimizing waste, making your packaging process seamless.

Sustainable: 100% recyclable and crafted from eco-friendly materials, our boxes reduce environmental impact without compromising quality.

Secure: Engineered to protect your products, ensuring safe and reliable delivery every time.

NPP is with you every step of the way, from concept to case.

Our Process - Design, Sample & Produce

Innovative Custom
Made Designs

If you are looking for a new corrugated packaging solution, our design team can help.

Our designers will be able to advise on the best corrugated packaging solution for your specific application. They can develop designs to suit your brief, budget and performance criteria. Where the need for internal product protection is identified, our team can design composite pack sets which will ensure your product arrives at its destination intact.

The NPP design team use the latest Artios CAD software to create innovation packaging solutions for your business. The software also has a vast library of FEFCO corrugated box designs that can be customised to the exact size and specification that you require.

In House Sample Production

The next stage is to provide working samples for testing and evaluation while providing opportunities to modify styles and designs.

Our advanced Digital Cutting Table means we can produce high quality samples of corrugated products in house and with swift turnaround times.

Once you are happy with the sample and everything is signed off we will begin the manufacturing process.

State Of The Art
Manufacturing Facilities

We are the proud owners of one of the most advanced 4 colour Casemakers available to the corrugated industry worldwide. Our Casemaker has the capability to produce the highest quality corrugated cases with 4 colour flexographic printing at high speeds. Our design software is closely integrated with our manufacturing process so it ensures you receive consistent high quality packaging every time.

We are happy to produce initial trial quantities so you can be satisfied that all aspects of your pack design meet’s its desired objectives. Once everything is signed off, your ongoing stock requirements are then carefully planned into our production cycles.


Looking for more than just a production partner?

Our corrugated consultations are tailored to address your specific goals, whether you’d like to improve the quality of your packaging, reduce your carbon footprint or maximise brand impact.

NPP’s in-house technical and development team will expertly lead you from the initial consultation right through to the final product.

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