Tesa Removable Foam Tape 65605

High density foam backing in combination with PET reinforcement film allows re-usability

Open Side: Extra strong adhesive for high initial and ultimate bonding power to the object

Covered Side: Special formulation of our adhesive makes residue -free removability on many surfaces possible.


Tesa® 65605 Removable is a double-sided PE foam tape with a PET reinforcement film. The tape is equipped with a permanent adhesive on the open side and a removable adhesive on the covered side. The covered side removes residue-free and can be re-used on many non-delaminating surfaces.

Our double-sided PE foam tapes are primarily characterized by its ability to compensate irregular surfaces, enabling high bonding power even on rough surfaces and an excellent shock absorption. The main disadvantage of conventional foam tapes becomes apparent when they have to be removed: The foam tears and residue remains on the substrate. Thanks to the unique product design of Tesa® 65605, foam tear and residues are a thing of the past. Objects equipped with Tesa® 65605 can be mounted and demounted to and from a wide variety of surfaces, which gives our customers freedom and flexibility.



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