Tesa Double Sided Tape 51970

Excellent combination of high initial tack and immediate adhesion

Light and aging-resistant acrylic adhesive for long-term applications

Reliable bond even to low surface energy substrates and rough surfaces


tesa® 51970 is a transparent, double-sided industrial mounting tape with a highly tackified adhesive and PP backing.

The double-sided PP film tape is used in various different industries, frequently used to mount plastic or wooden trims or fasten signs and point-of-sale displays. The tackified acrylic adhesive features excellent adhesive performance, offering a reliable bond even on low energy surfaces and rough or slightly dirty substrates.

tesa® 51970 is able to withstand numerous environmental factors such as humidity, UV-light and temperatures of up to 130°C for limited periods of time. The tackified acrylic adhesive makes for an excellent hold on various surfaces, very high tack, and good shear strength.



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