Tesa® ACXplus 7074 Double Sided Tape

Outstanding cold shock performance down to -40°

High-performance acrylic foam tape

For permanent indoor and outdoor mounting applications

1000 μm

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The tesa® ACXplus 707x series is suitable for a wide range of bonding applications. For powerful long-lasting bonds, even on material with different surface characteristics. The viscoelastic core compensates thermal elongations of bonded components during the life cycle of the final product, with temperature ranges from -20 °C to 80 °C. tesa® ACXplus 707x series is a high-performance acrylic foam tape for permanent indoor and outdoor mounting applications.

Exemplary mounting applications in different industries (e.g. windows & doors, elevator, transportation, appliances, interior fit-out) include:

  • Decorative elements
  • Reinforcement Bars / Stiffener Bars
  • Muntin Bars
  • Interior Cladding

In Action
Tesa® ACXplus 7074 Double Sided Tape

For years, tesa® ACXplus has been the trusted, high quality bonding solution for challenging applications. tesa® ACXplus double-sided acrylic core foam tapes support your need for design freedom and speed, while improving efficiency and productivity.



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