Tesa 60412 – Recycled PET Packaging Tape

Made from 70% post-consumer recycled PET

Good moisture barrier properties

Great adhesion on recycled cardboard

Suitable for light and medium-weight packaging applications

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The tesa® 60412 packaging tape is made from 70% post-consumer recycled PET backing and a waterborne acrylic adhesive.

The tape is made from recycled PET products like plastic bottles, thus reducing the consumption of virgin plastic. tesa® 60412 – Recycled PET packaging tape also supports the circular economy. It can be disposed of with paper and cardboard recycling making it a great sustainable option for your business. This tape offers great printability options.

It is the perfect solution for light-medium weight packaging applications. It has a strong, abrasion-resistant backing and a very consistent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, a material combination that guarantees excellent adhesion on recycled cardboard as well as low-noise unwind.



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