Sleeving Machinery

Make packages with customised films

Adapts to different production needs

Wrap up to 20 bundles per minute

Semi-automatic systems up to fully automatic systems

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NPP offer a wide range of Sleeving Systems, from semi-automatic systems up to fully automatic systems for use in the beverage industry. NPP can also offer a range of plain or printed films, both virgin and recycled to compliment the range of Sleeving Systems.

Featured System: WRAPJET 20 Seamless Film Sleeve Wrapper

The new series of Minipack-Torre sleeve wrappers perfectly adapt to different production needs, offering excellent performance in every respect. The WRAPJET 20 sleeve wrapper wraps the film around the package with an appropriate overlap of 5-8 cm below the package, which self-glues while going through the heat-shrinking tunnel.

The WRAPJET 20 sleeve wrappers work without a sealing bar and, therefore, without having to stop the product on the belt. This feature leads to significant time savings, with capabilities of wrapping up to 20 bundles per minute, depending on the size of the goods.

The WRAPJET line sleeve wrappers also allow you to make packages with customised films.

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Sleeving Machinery

Capable of wrapping up to 20 bundles per minute, depending on the size of the goods.



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