Signode BPT Battery Powered Tools for Steel Strapping

Free movement throughout the plant, not “chained” to an airhose

Digital user interface with touch pad adjustment

E-controlled strapping process

Protective and ergonomic design

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Signode’s BPT push-type battery operated tools for steel strapping deliver high-speed operation and unparalleled performance on round and irregular shaped loads.

Complete with an ergonomic design and multiple performance enhancing features, they improve productivity for a wide range of applications – both stationary and mobile anywhere in the plant.

Free movement throughout the plant, not “chained” to an airhose

Usable in both stationary and offline applications anywhere in the plant

No tripping over airhoses; electronically controlled strapping process accurately reproduces tension/sealing settings

Accurate and reproducible strap tensioning and sealing, Swiss Made Quality, Certified by DEKRA




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