Polypropylene Strapping

High quality strapping to secure products during transit

Suitable for use with both hand tools and semi and automatic strapping machines

Can be used in conjunction with metal seals or steel buckles

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Polypropylene strapping also referred to as PP strapping is the ideal packaging solution for a wide variety of applications, such as the securing of construction materials, printed matter, in logistics, for furniture, corrugated board and newspapers. Most popular sizes of PP hand strapping are as follows however other sizes are available.

Hand Strap (on plastic reel)
12mm x .7mm x 1500mts Black 185kg/BS
12mm x .8mm x 1300mts Black 220kg/BS
12mm x .9mm x 1000mts Yellow 300kg/BS
15mm x .65mm 1200ms Black 220kg/BS

Machine Strap (on 200/190mm cardboard core)
9mm x .55mm x 4000mts White 110kg/BS
12mm x .55mm x 3000mts Black 145kg/BS
12mm x.63mm x 2400mts White 170kg/BS



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