NPP Universal Film

Convenience packaging with easy opening

Improved product presentation and shelf appeal

No tearing with film peeling in one piece

Preserves food quality and freshness

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NPP Universal Film is an extrusion coated heat seal lidding film specifically formulated and processed on a solvent-free coating line. The film’s novel chemistry provides strong peelable seals on most commonly-used trays with no sharding.

The film grade is available in 18-micron, 23-micron and 36-micron base PET for lidding film applications. It can also be made with high-clarity anti-fog coating for better transparency, and high oxygen and moisture barrier coating to increase product shelf-life.

NPP Universal Film is suitable for all types of food products including dairy, convenience, meat, fruit, and vegetables. It is food contact approved and can be used for the freezer, chiller, microwave, and ovenable applications.

The film seals to all types of food packaging trays, including PP, paperboard and all PET variants. This enables manufacturers and brand owners to move away from using multiple film types for different product requirements and into a true mono layer lidding material suitable for all tray types.

Strong and consistent peelable seals, combined with a broad sealing range and high adhesion values, mean the film has been designed to out-perform all other lidding films for paperboard trays.

The Universal coating can be applied onto any film including those with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.



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