MK3 Automatic Palletiser

Flexible, high-speed palletisation

Stacks up to 6 layers per minute

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The MK3 Palletiser is fast and efficient, and intended for helping companies with a large production flow. It is modular, meaning you can adapt to the surroundings in the production hall, as infeed conveyors and pallet conveyors can be assembled,
angled, raised and lowered in a number of ways.

It can be configured as a multi-palletiser, which means it can palletise several products from different production lines at the same time.

The MK3 can stack up to six layers a minute to a maximum height of 2700mm.

In Action
MK3 Automatic Palletiser

Our palletising systems help reduce production costs, improve logistics and increase production capacity to meet high-volume demands.



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