Minipack Pratika 56 MPE X2 Shrink Machine

7 inch colour touch-screen control panel, with 120 customisable programs

Option of entering pictures of the products on the touch screen

Automatic fully electrical angular sealer

Simple, operator-friendly graphics

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The new version of PRATIKA 56 MPE X2 is the product of careful attention to market requirements with the purpose of proposing a technologically advanced and at the same time versatile and “user- friendly” heat shrink packaging machine.

Enhanced with strong electronic, mechanical, and technological contents, the new PRATIKA 56 MPE X2 heat shrink packaging machine, suitable for operation on both sides thanks to its double hatch, represents a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance, versatility and safety, bringing a new standard to the way of conceiving automatic packaging machines with heat-shrink film.

In Action
Minipack Pratika 56 MPE X2 Shrink Machine

Watch our video to see the Minipack Pratika 56 MPE X2 Shrink Machine in operation.




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