Mini Reels

A versatile wrapping and bundling product

Carbon Neutral On Request

30% PCW content

100% Recyclable

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Manufactured in house, this handy size role of stretch film, makes light work of all your wrapping and bundling needs.

Its small width makes it extremely versatile and it will secure your goods more tightly and more securely than tape, while also protecting them against dust, dirt and moisture.

Because there is no adhesive used, this wrap is quick and easy to remove, and won’t tear or damage your products.

Working with Climate Partner we have taken comprehensive steps to avoid and reduce carbon production associated with the supply and manufacture of EcoWrap.  All unavoidable emissions can be offset with a fully certified carbon offset programme.

Customers can choose to contribute to this carbon offset programme, and label their products Carbon Neutral.  All labels include a unique ID and tracking URL to communicate the emissions, offset amount, and to guarantee transparency and accountability. Click here to find out more.




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