Lidding Film

Protects your products quality and freshness

High quality print enhances product presentation

Printed or unprinted film

Re-closable seals

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NPP’s performance lidding films offer an unrivalled solution for all tray packed meat, dairy and produce products. Our top web lidding film will maintain the quality, freshness and integrity of the product in any environment and can be tailored to suit various packaging atmospheres.

We also offer re-closable lidding options. The re-closable seal improves freshness, product performance and is lighter and less expensive to introduce than other seals often used on products like cheese. Our re-close products provide an easy-open solution which maintains film clarity, feel and breathability properties when applied to products such as whole and prepared salads, vegetables and fruit.

We offer a wide range of lidding films for use with most APET, PP or PE lined trays and thermoform base webs.



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