Lantech S-300 Semi Automatic Straddle Pallet Wrapper

Load Doesn't Rotate

No Weight Limitations

Precise Application of Wrap Force

Locks Load to Pallet with Film Cable

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Maximize your packaging throughput and efficiency with the Lantech S-300 straddle pallet wrapper.

The Lantech S-300 Stretch Wrapping System is ideal for wrapping very light, very heavy or unstable loads. This conveyorized, rotary-arm pallet wrapping machine has no weight limitations and comes complete with a full suite of patented features.

By keeping the palletized load in a fixed position, the S-300 straddle wrapper delivers precise application of wrap force by wrapping the film around the pallet. The S-300 also comes equipped with Pallet Grip®, Lantech’s patented wrapping solution that locks loads to the pallet to prevent shifting and slipping.




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