Lantech CI-1000 Inline Case Erector

Options and application can change the speed

Lantech® TH-Series Tape Head or Hotmelt

Speed is 10-25 cases per minute

Square Cases, No Jams


The Lantech CI–1000 inline case erector is designed for packaging areas with restricted floor space.

This compact machine recovers valuable space by reorienting the blank magazine 90 degrees by putting it “inline” with the case forming and bottom sealing sections.

The Lantech CI-1000 has a high speed and can do a maximum of 25 cases per minute.

It comes in both the tape system and the hotmelt system.

In Action
Lantech CI-1000 Inline Case Erector

The compact machine reorients the magazine 90 degrees by putting it “inline” with the case at the top & bottom of the box, ideal for businesses with limited floor space.




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