Lantech C-2000 Case Erector

Options and application can change the speed

Lantech® TH-Series Tape Head or Hotmelt

Speed 8-25 cases per minute

Precise case forming


Lantech C-2000 Automatic Case Erector can take 8-25 cases per minute and come in a TH-Series Tape Head or a Hotmelt option.

With a Tape head storage bracket that can hold additional tape, the C-2000 can also be operated in cold environments ranging from below -1 C to – 18 C (+31 F to 0 F).

Lantech Case erectors have precise case management and 100% control of cases throughout the entire erecting process ensuring your cases are produced with maximum efficiency.

In Action
Lantech C-2000 Case Erector

Lantech C-2000 Case Erector with 2 blank magazines for 2 footprints.




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