ILPRA FP Rotobasic

Sealing, MAP\ATP, Vacuum, Skin

Touch Screen Panel

Quick mould change

Automatic unwinder and rewinder

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FoodPack Basic is the entry level model of ILPRA traysealers.

Super compact and easy to use, it makes modified atmosphere, vacuum and simple sealing packaging accessible. Particularly effective for small productions, it is suitable for packaging food products such as pasta, meat, fish, and ready meals in trays. FoodPack Basic is also available in its Roto Basic version with rotary table: this model allows loading/unloading of packed trays to be performed on one station while sealing/cutting operations take place on the other, increasing the yield of your production. FoodPack Basic is also available in an E-Mec version.



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To support our comprehensive range of products we offer service and repair on all tooling and machinery supplied. We have an in-house repair and testing facility to aid in the inspection and repair of machinery as required. We also offer onsite repairs and breakdown service.
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