ILPRA Foodpack M7 Tray Sealer

CPS technology

Fully mechanical sealing

Short mould changeover


The M7 is a fully mechanical model that guarantees high performance and is designed to be easily accessible in all its components to facilitate cleaning operations. This allows greater ease of use, as well as guaranteeing effective sanitization throughout the entire machine. Easy disassembly and short mould changeover, which can be carried out without additional tools. Standard on this model is the CPS technology that allows a constant inflow of trays, as well as the possibility of numerous customisations such as ID Control System, Anti-crush System and pre-heating system in the case of Skin packaging.

In Action
ILPRA Foodpack M7 Tray Sealer

Watch our video to see the ILPRA Foodpack M7 Tray Sealer in operation.



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