Half Gastro Tray Sealer

Teflon coated sealing plate & stainless steel fabrication

Digital adjustable control available as optional extra

Quick change die plates (no tools needed)

Twin reel film supports


The NPP Half Gastro Tray Sealer is perfectly suited for front-of-store packaging or in workrooms for fresh-food producers, preserving food in hermetically sealed trays. Its adaptability and easy operation means it perfectly fits the needs of butchers and fish mongers, as well as ready-meal producers. Its durable design is suited to workroom environments, while shop owners will appreciate its small footprint.

The machines are able to seal and pack any kind of tray shapes. The NPP model is supplied with a die plate custom made for the tray to be sealed, with additional die plates available upon request. The trays are sealed with either a peelable film or a sealable (welded) film. The machine will work with all types of sealable food trays and films up to a maximum width of 265mm with a maximum tray length of 325mm.



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