Fiber Film

Reduce costs by minimizing your Cost per Pallet up to 40%

Reduce the film used to wrap a pallet up to 60%

Tear resistant - high stretchability (elasticity)

Waste volume reduction

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Fiber Film is a unique high-efficiency stretch film with reinforcement elements (fibers) that increase tear resistance. This reinforced stretch film combines high elongation, exceptional puncture resistance and excellent pallet stability.

It is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of film used to wrap a pallet. Fiber Film is the perfect choice for minimizing your cost per pallet leading to greater savings.

Fiber Film is applied to pallet wrapping of various load types and is suitable from hand wrapping to fully automatic wrapping machines. User friendly for manual use while adding more value to the highest performance stretch wrappers; it also comes with perfect optics, 100% recyclability with no problems during wrapping process.

Fiber Film is an excellent solution for pallet packaging. Its unique, patent protected material composition increases the stability during the packaging process. Due to the film flexibility, the load is protected and the package can be safely transferred.

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Fiber Film

Designed to dramatically reduce the amount of stretch film you use to wrap your pallets whilst increasing load holding and stability.



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