Ergopack 700 Pallet Strapping System

No bending, low risk of injury

67% faster pallet strapping

Ensures more efficient workflows

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Ergonomic pallet strapping system with manual drive through hand crank. Strapping without bending, in a comfortable and upright position with ideal working height. Pallets can be strapped safely and quickly by one person from one side. Floor clearance requested is only 8cm (special design is possible to accommodate a floor clearance from 5cm).

A safer and quick way of strapping pallets up to 2.4mtr x 2.3mtr wide. The ErgoPack machine feeds a strap around the pallet to the operator, who then tensions and heat seals the package, standing in an upright position with no bending or walking.
A pallet can be strapped twice in under a minute, increasing output and reducing strain and fatigue on the operator.



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