Eco Fiber Film

Contains 30% Recycled Raw Materials (post-industrial)

50% less C02 emissions than market average

At least 50% less plastic waste

Significant cost/pallet savings

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Eco Fiber Film is a unique eco-friendly and innovative stretch film with reinforcement elements (fibers) that increase tear resistance. Eco Fiber Film is designed for machine use with stretching ratio up to 320% and is suitable for heavy pallet loads.

Eco Fiber Film contains 30% Recycled Raw Materials (post-industrial) and is 100% Recyclable. The film results in 50% less CO2 emissions than the market average and at least 50% less plastic waste.

Eco Fiber Film is based on the concept of Overall Resources Optimization (ORO):

Less film used to wrap a pallet
Significant cost/pallet savings
Reduced plastic waste
Savings in energy
Savings in warehousing (space for rolls)
Reduced downtime – Zero breaks/roll
Reduced labour rate
ROI & Reduced machine costs

Resulting in increased productivity and savings.



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