Comarme PP08 Case Erector

Compatibility with GEM 52 Sealer

Stainless Steel Finish Option

Semi-Automatic Operation

Pneumatic Controls

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The Pack Point 08 (PP08) is a semi automatic box former that ensures your cardboard cartons are erected quickly and easily.

The operator opens the carton, and inserts it into the machine at a slight angle.  The front and rear flaps are then closed automatically, leaving the box ready for filling.

The pneumatic controls finish the positioning of the box ready to be sealed.

The Pack Point 08 can be used with the GEM 52 sealer to seal the carton with adhesive tape after filling.

The PP08 is also available in a full stainless steel finish to ensure against corrosion and rust.


In Action
Comarme PP08 Case Erector

Watch our video to see the Comarme PP08 Case Erector in operation.



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