Comarme GEM 520 GP Case Sealer

Adjustable pressing force for various carton heights

Adjustable height and width settings

Machine seals top & bottom of case

Average of 780 boxes per hour

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The Comarme GEM 520 Gum Paper Case Sealer. With a sealing capacity of up to 900 boxes per hour, the machine efficiently handles cartons with closed flaps. The operator manually adjusts the guides to fit the box size, and the machine seals it from both the bottom and top. The GEM 520 GP is sturdy, user-friendly, safe, and meets CE standards.

It is engineered to seal various cartons using rubberized paper tape and water-activated adhesive. This robust tape is particularly suitable for carton sealing and is frequently employed in the food industry. The sealer features two side feeding belts, mechanical height and width adjustments, and automatic tape cutting. Its upper head includes a patented system for adjusting the pressing force based on carton height.

In Action
Comarme GEM 520 GP Case Sealer

Watch our video to see the Comarme GEM 520 GP Case Sealer in operation.



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