Audion Tubular Film

Bags are made to desired length reducing waste

Suitable in automatic packaging machines

Customized bags depending the size of your product

Wide range of tubular film, available in various sizes and thicknesses


Tubular film, available in various sizes and thicknesses. Polyethylene (LDPE) film of high quality, transparent or mailer film (black innerside and white outerside), all suitable for being processed in automatic packaging machines, or in combination with one of our other bag sealers with impulse seal.

The advantage of using tubular film lies in the fact that you can change the bag length for each product and make customized bags depending the size of your product. When using tubular film in combination with manual sealers we always recommend to order a film roll holder, which facilitates easy unwinding of the film roll.

In Action
Audion Tubular Film

Watch our video to see the Audion Tubular Film in operation.




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