Audion SpeedBags® Clear LDPE

Bags are pre-perforated

SpeedBags are compatible with all automatic bagging machines

Available in a wide range of sizes & film materials

Special sizes and materials available on request

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High-quality pre-opened bags on roll, suitable for all automatic bagging machines.

SpeedBags® can be used on virtually all automatic bagging machines that use pre-opened bags on a roll, such as Speedpack Tabletop 300 and Speedpack 400 series by Audion Packaging Machines.

Each bag on the roll has an open end for easy insertion of the product, a bottom seal and a perforation between the bags for separating the bag from the roll after being filled (manually or automatically).

The strength and clarity of SpeedBags® make it ideal for retail and industrial applications, such as parts packaging.


In Action
Audion SpeedBags® Clear LDPE

Watch our video to see the Audion SpeedBags® Clear LDPE in operation.




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