Audion Medseal

Suitable for use in validated processes

Seal and cool time electronically controlled

Seal length 460 and 611mm

Stainless steel cover

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Impulse sealing machine for sterilization pouches (PE, PP/Paper, Paper/Paper). Sealing in accordance with the DIN 58953 part 7 and ISO 11607-1 standards.

Stainless steel cover (AISI 304) and digital operating panel.

The Audion MEDSEAL® series are designed for medical device, medical packaging companies, sterilization service providers, public and private hospitals, dentists, all kinds of laboratories and pharmaceutical industries where precision and safety are of great importance.



Calibration & Validation Services

We are fully accredited by Audion to perform Validation services (also known as IQ/OQ or IOQ) and are the first organisation in Europe to receive such accreditation.
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