Audion Impulse Bag Sealers

Suitable for sealing and cutting (to size) polyethylene/polypropylene tube film and bags

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Versatile robust tabletop impulse sealer
Suitable for sealing and cutting (to size) polyethylene/polypropylene tube film and bags.

The Audion 236 Sealkid is an easy-to-use all-round sealer suitable for sealing polyethylene/polypropylene bags up to 200 microns thick with a reliable and strong 3 mm seal.

The 236 SK has a durable robust design and is easy to maintain with Audion spare parts available from stock. This impulse sealer is equipped with a timer enabling you to accurately set the sealing time adjusted to the thickness of the film. A convenient indicator light shows when the sealing time is completed enabling you to produce a well-packaged product with a representative end result.

This tabletop sealer is standard equipped with a cutting device, which makes it possible to produce your own bags from tubular film adjusted to the size to your product. For a nice presentation, you can also use the standard knife option to quickly and efficiently cut off the residual film during the seal process. By minimizing the flap size above the seal, you reduce not only the packaging size but also the chance of dirt accumulating in the bag mouth.

The user-friendly Audion Sealkid requires minimal operator instruction. A seal cycle is started by simply pressing the pressure arm down after placing the bag opening over the sealwire. The indicator light will notify the operator when the seal time is completed. The operator can lift the pressure arm after allowing a few seconds of cooling time. If necessary, the residual film above the seal can be cut off during the sealing cycle. After completing the sealing cycle the bag can be removed and the sealer is ready to make the next package.

All Sealkid models can be equipped with an optional worktable (supporting the bag during the sealing process) and film roll holder (enabling the use of tubular film).

The Sealkid is also available in the sizes 321 SK, 421 SK and 621 SK.



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