Atlanta Stretch Neos Self Propelled Pallet Wrapper

Semi-automatic, self-propelled robot wrapping machine

Ergonomic design ensures operator comfort and safety

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The Atlanta Stretch Neos is a semi-automatic self-propelled wrapping robot.

The dual motor PS pre-stretching carriage guarantees the lowest film consumption and highest functional reliability in the machine wrapping market.

Neos can be equipped with ARYA, a patented technology that makes the wrapping process fully automatic.  This innovative machine does not require an operator to attach the film to the pallet, performing a fully automatic cycle, and does not require compressed air.

The customer can choose between FM, FE, PRS and PS carriages and can replace them even after purchase, should the customer need to upgrade their machine.


In Action
Atlanta Stretch Neos Self Propelled Pallet Wrapper

The Atlanta Stretch Neos semi-automatic self-propelled wrapping robot.




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