Atlanta Stretch Lybra Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Reliable, robust construction

Easy installation

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The Atlanta Stretch Lybra is a compact, high performance rotating arm machine for wrapping pallets with stretch film.  Ideally suited for wrapping unstable loads, it is an easy to use machine with 99 pre-set wrapping cycles.

When combined with the ARYA it offers fully automated wrapping.  The ARYA patented operating system does not require an operator to attach the film to the pallet.  The stretch film is instead blown against the pallet and attaches to the load.  Once the pallet has been wrapped the system automatically cuts the film.

The Lybra is a robust and durable pallet wrapper that can be easily installed.

In Action
Atlanta Stretch Lybra Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

The LYBRA and ARYA combine for fully automated wrapping.




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