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Where are corrugated boxes used

Where are corrugated boxes used

If there was a single product that could be found in any industry, seen in all stores, and used almost daily by the general public it would be the corrugated box. While a regular cardboard box might be suitable for your cereal or facial tissue, it falls short compared to corrugated boxes when it comes to strength and protection. Corrugated boxes can be found everywhere and serve different functions. Here are five unique uses for corrugated boxes:


The most obvious use for corrugated boxes is for shipping for the growing e-commerce industry. Corrugated boxes can be made with various stacking strengths and puncture resistance depending on what is required to protect the product from damage during storage and delivery. Their low weight combined with their strength makes them ideal for shipping containers.


A surprisingly heavy item that is often stored by many offices is paper records. Offices that archive large amounts of paper records will require strong, stackable boxes that can support the weight of paper. Often these corrugated boxes can be purchased specifically for different paper sizes and support hanging folders.

Food Industry 

If you ever ordered a pizza, chances are it came in a corrugated box. These are strong enough to support the weight of food and can have custom slots for dips or sauces. Corrugated boxes are often used in numerous take-out applications from food to coffee. It has the strength to support heavy items or liquids and can be made with built-in handles to facilitate transport.

Retail Ready Packaging

When selling items in bulk that require the strength of corrugated cardboard, have it branded for easy identification and scanning at the store. Take advantage of the surface real estate to add information about your brand and product and include information about how to recycle the package.

Fittings & Inserts

Although not technically a box, corrugated cardboard can be found inside corrugated boxes, acting as fittings or inserts that separate items from each other. As an example, when shipping glass items it is important to ensure the glass does not break during transport. Corrugated cardboard can effectively protect your product from the vibrations it will feel as it is driven around the country..

The next time you require packaging, consider a corrugated box. It is lightweight, strong, versatile, and can be recycled, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. NPP is the supplier of choice for many leading brands in Ireland. Founded in 1984 we have a long history of delivering innovative solutions, quality products, and unrivalled service and will work in close collaboration with customers to provide quality packaging products and solutions for your needs.

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