What is a pallet wrap audit and why is it important

A pallet wrap audit is a valuable process for understanding how your business can improve operational efficiencies. An inefficient wrapping process can lead to unsecured loads, increased waste and higher costs.  

What is a pallet wrap audit? 

A pallet wrap audit is an analysis of your pallet wrapping process. It examines each part of the wrapping operation including: 

  • Type of film used  
  • Machinery 
  • Load stability 
  • Cost 
  • Time spent wrapping pallets 
  • Environmental impact  

What happens during the audit  

We assess every customer and every machine individually as we know each pallet and product are different.  

During the audit we analyse the current film and machinery being used. We test the current film on a pallet for load stability and consumption of film per pallet.  

This process is then duplicated with NPP film with the objective of reducing film consumption and costs whilst maintaining or improving load stability.  In most cases, we will look to reduce the number of revolutions per wrapping cycle, speeding up the production process.  

We apply our years of experience to recognise exactly what is required, along with a detailed report identifying the benefits and savings that can be achieved by optimising your process.  

Get in touch today if you would like our experts to carry out a pallet wrap audit at your facility. 

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