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The critical role of sealed packaging to support COVID-19 needs

The critical role of sealed packaging to support COVID-19 needs

The need to preserve the freshness of goods and maintain strict hygiene standards became all the more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recall the long queues of cargo trucks stuck for hours at the UK-France border, for example. Such breakdowns in the supply chain can result in large amounts of waste. For this reason, sealed packaging is more important than ever. NPP’s sealing and wrapping machines and our range of custom packaging solutions enable sealing to keep your goods safe and fresh even during extended periods of transit and storage, while also guarding against damage during carriage and handling.

Demands on industrial, bulk and transportation packaging

The demand for packaging across the global economy has gone through a number of phases, each affecting specific sectors. The initial effect was felt in the area of industrial, bulk and transportation packaging after the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. As a result of the drop in demand for goods across all sectors, and the resulting drop in GDP, the demand for packaging decreased as well. However, there were some important exceptions to this trend. Most notably, packaging for the food and pharmaceuticals industries saw a growth in demand as shipping and packing protocols for these products became more stringent. Corrugated packaging for e-commerce also saw significant growth.

E-commerce demands on consumer packaging

In the consumer arena, as in the industrial sector, the changes were also characterised by two opposing trends. The decline in the restaurant business was offset by an increase in demand for groceries. Packaging for the retail industry thus remained heavily in demand. Aside from food and pharmaceuticals, however, other areas within retail, regarded as non-essential, saw a significant decline. The packaging products and tools demanded by retail stores and distributors also shifted. With a renewed emphasis on freshness and hygiene, sealing products and sealing machines have become increasingly more important.  Sealing machines that can work quickly and efficiently to prepare multiple sealed packages have become more vital to food packing production lines.

Addressing heightened hygiene concerns

The primary functions of food packaging – enhancing shelf life, protecting the product and hygiene defence – have not changed, but customers want more assurances that their packaging can reliably perform these functions. Freshness-preserving and anti-contamination packaging is vital. Sealed wrapping remains one of the best means to protect perishable products.

Best packaging equipment available

In response to the demand for freshness-protecting sealed packaging, NPP supplies a range of high-quality wraps, films and bags, as well as machines for the airtight sealing of products. Our sealers include table-top sealers and power sealers, as well as lidding machines. Our our range of films will help to keep all your food products fresh for longer.

NPP is the leading supplier of packaging solutions, from machines to wraps and bags, and more, to various industries across Ireland. Contact us for more information on our sealed packaging solutions.

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