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The benefits of pallet wraps

The benefits of pallet wraps

Pallet wraps are an effective way to prepare large shipments of multiple containers for storage and transport. They are stretchable plastics that bind items tightly together, preventing them from moving around while in transit. Pallet wraps can reduce the loss of products, prevent load tampering and theft and protect from dust.

The advantages of pallet wrap

Here are the primary reasons why pallet wrap should form an integral part of your packing solution:

  • It delivers superior protection against dust, dirt and moisture.
  • It effectively protects against damage to goods in transit.
  • There are many varieties available to suit any operation’s particular needs and budget.
  • It is more effective and efficient than alternatives such as shrink film and strapping, and typically costs less as well.

Understanding the different types of pallet wraps

While there are several pallet wrap products on the market, they can be reduced to two basic types: cast pallet wrap and blown pallet wrap.

Cast pallet wrap clings to items, has excellent clarity, stretches easily and resists tearing. The product unwraps quietly, clings tightly to your goods once wrapped and enables full visibility of the products underneath. 

Blown pallet wrap has greater load holding strength than cast wrap and a high degree of memory when stretched. It is not as clear as cast wrap, which makes it less desirable if you want visibility. It also has higher tear resistance than cast wrap.

Available pallet wraps

NPP supplies a variety of pallet wraps, as well as pallet wrap machines. We can supply both hand and machine pallet wrap and all the necessary tools and services necessary to keep your wrapping operations at maximum efficiency. Our wraps include the following:

  • Fiber Film and Eco Fiber Film: These films have fibres that increase tear resistance. This reinforced stretch film combines high elongation, exceptional puncture resistance and excellent pallet stability. They are designed to dramatically reduce the amount of film used to wrap a pallet. Fiber Film is the perfect choice for minimizing your cost per pallet leading to greater savings. Eco Fiber Film is a more environmentally friendly option containing 30% recycled raw materials. It is 100% recyclable.
  • Air-O-Film® is a pre-stretched specially formulated film, combining maximum elongation with performance. The ventilated design allows airflow through the pallet, which reduces spoilage that conventional pallet wrap can cause, by preventing condensation build-up. Air-O-Film® offers the smallest weight per meter of any film of its type. It’s designed to ensure that loads can be secured using less material. That means you need fewer wraps, use less plastic and therefore save more money.
  • Machine pallet wrap: Our machine pallet wrap is a cast co-extruded film. Our standard wrap is designed for use on core brake and simple pre-stretch rotary stretch wrap machines with up to 150% stretch. Our power wrap is for use on pre-stretch rotary stretch wrap machines with up to 250% stretch.
  • Hand pallet wrap: Our co-extruded LLDPE hand pallet wrap film is designed for hand application to pallets of goods to ensure a stable load. It has a low unwind noise and can produce high load holding force across a wide range of applications.

We also stock several pallet wrapping machines, from handheld dispensers to sophisticated, automated wrapping systems. Contact us for more information on our pallet wrap solutions. 

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