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Safety First – FIBC safety tips

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC’s) or Bulk Bags are an excellent and efficient method for packaging, storing and handling a broad range of products. While these bags are durable and can withstand heavy-duty processes, there are several factors and guidelines to keep in mind to maintain the integrity of the products and the safety of the operators.

Let’s take a look at some General Safety Guidelines.

Choose the Right FIBC Bulk Bag

The first thing to consider for safe handling of the FIBC bags is to choose the right bag. There are different types of FIBC bulk bags available that are made up of different materials. Consult with your supplier to select the correct FIBC for your product and distribution environment.

Choose Bags Suited for the Specific Purpose

Ensure the FIBC is approved for the product (i.e. food, pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials) and it is appropriate for the filling and emptying environment (i.e. electrostatic concerns in flammable or explosive environments).

Using Undamaged Bags

At the time of handling FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to check that the bags are free from any kind of damage. The use of damaged bags can result in safety issues and hence it needs to be avoided at any cost.

Maintain Correct Handling Procedure

While filling, discharging or storing a bulk bag you need to make sure you handle them the way they are supposed to be handled. Adhere to all FIBC manufacturers recommendations any information printed on the label of the FIBC.

For more information on Safe Handling Guidelines click here 

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