As its name suggests Pharmasac is a quality assured sack developed specifically for hygiene critical internal transfer applications. Post production but pre-packaging, Pharmasac will protect your products from contamination in transit and you can be certain that the sack itself will not leave any trace or residue on the contents.


If required anti-static additives can be added to the blend during the production process. Such additives reduce the levels of electricity and spark present which can cause an explosion. This addictive also ensures that materials do not stick to the surface of the sack resulting in lower loss of product volume. NPP test the anti-static properties of its film products using a surface conductivity meter to ensure customer specifications are being met.

High Slip

If required any product within the Pharmasac range can be manufactured to a high slip level. This ensures a smoother surface which allows the contents to be easily and quickly released from the sack.

Additive Free

If you are packaging volatile substances you may be interested to know that NPP can also produce any item in the Pharmasac range ‘Additive Free’ to reduce the risk of chemical reaction.

NPP can supply sacks designed to meet individual and robust customer specifications. All of the companies systems and procedures are accredited to the ISO9001:2000 quality standard. Understanding the importance of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry NPP can provide a certificate of analysis with all deliveries upon request. Its high performing products are manufactured using polymers that meet EEC and FDA requirements. Additionally film can be test against an approved infra-red trace to ensure the polymer blend does not deviate from the customers exacting requirements.

There is a clean down facility of production equipment between order manufacture to facilitate an even cleaner environment. Undertaking such a clean down eliminates the potential of contamination from the previous order.

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