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Need a corrugated box designed for your product?

Need a corrugated box designed for your product?

Corrugated boxes are no longer straightforward, generic containers for the shipping and storing of products. They have become an integral part of companies’ branding and marketing strategies. When you purchase boxes for your product, you should not be looking at off-the-shelf corrugated packaging that serves a merely functional purpose. You should be investing in a unique marketing and packaging solution that speaks directly to your brand and presents it attractively and unforgettably to your customers.

Custom-designed corrugated packaging

E-commerce reportedly represented around 10% of the world’s total retail trade before the COVID lockdowns began. By now, it must be even higher – a more recent report indicates that online purchases have increased by between 6 and 10 percentage points across most product categories since the beginning of 2020. It was expected to grow by about 15% each year. Now the curve is expected to be even steeper than that. More and more businesses are focusing on their online sales. Since the sector is increasingly competitive, brands must find ways to stand out from the rest. Since your boxes represent the only direct, hands-on contact your customers will have with your brand, it is worthwhile investing in e-commerce packaging that is unique, distinctive and instantly recognisable. 

Corrugated boxes tailor-made for your brand

NPP has extended and strengthened its corrugated packaging to include a state-of-the-art, four-colour Casemaker and an advanced Digital Cutting table which are all integrated with the latest CAD design software. With these new additions, in the hands of our experienced, creative design team, we can create corrugated packaging that perfectly suits and promotes your business and brand. Every product we supply is custom designed and manufactured in-house to your exact specification. 

We understand that there is no standard, off-the-shelf product that satisfies every business’s needs when it comes to e-commerce packaging. We design specific solutions that add value to your product and your business. Our custom-designed packaging extends far beyond the stock brown boxes you can get from any supplier. We sit down with you and discuss your requirements, get a feel for your brand and then go to work to create a package that will be unmistakably associated with your company and products.   

After we get a thorough idea of your needs and plans for your packaging, we use the latest Artios CAD software to create your design options. We then generate samples on our digital cutting table and present them to you for approval. Once you are happy with the design, we begin production using our four-colour Casemaker, which is capable of making corrugated boxes with flexographic printing at extremely high speeds. You get boxes of consistently high quality as quickly as you need them. 

Contact NPP for more information about our corrugated box design and production services.

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