How to choose a service partner for your packaging machinery

It is clear that a service agreement and regular maintenance is essential to ensure the performance and reliability of your machinery.  Equally important is choosing the right partner for the job.

To find the best machine and service partner it is worth asking the following questions…


Does the team include certified, experienced engineers?

It is essential to have access to a team of qualified and certified engineers.  Experience within the industry is also a must and will greatly enhance the service provided.


How quickly can an engineer be onsite?

When a machine is down, you need an engineer onsite asap.  A responsive service team is a must.


Is remote trouble shooting available?

You won’t need an engineer to be onsite to deal with every issue.  Offsite troubleshooting and access to online support staff can lead to a speedy resolution of many simple machine issues, avoiding lengthy machine downtime.


Does the company carry a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts?

All firms should carry replacement ‘high-wear’ parts.  A  good firm will carry a comprehensive range and will also have strong supplier relationships to guarantee quick access to non-standard and custom items.


Can I customise my service agreement?

Your service partner should work with you to develop a custom service agreement and maintenance schedule that supports and enhances your operations.  Criteria such as the nature of your equipment, its age and daily usage, should all determine the scope and schedule of your service plan.


What happens if my business expands?

Ideally a service partnership will be a long term agreement.  You want to work with a company with extensive experience within the industry and a strong commitment to the market.  You need to be confident that the service partner you choose has the resources and capability to grow with you and to support you, should you choose to scale your operations.


Shared Values?

It is also important to examine if the company is the ‘best fit’ for your organization.  The absolute best results are always achieved when you work with a team who share the same company ethos and values as yourself


In conclusion, taking the time to evaluate potential service providers is time well spent and a valuable step in choosing the best partner to help safeguard and protect your equipment and operations into the future.


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