How do I wrap a pallet?

When you work in warehousing or logistics, hand wrapping a pallet is something you do without thinking, right? Well it is for many of us, but if you’re new to the industry, or if you are making the move from shipping boxes to pallet loads, it is an essential step to get right!

A well wrapped pallet protects your products and your staff, and ensures your customers receive their orders in perfect condition every time.
Let’s walk through the steps needed;


Choosing the right pallet, pallet wrap, and loading your pallet safely and securely are your first steps to success, consider;

Choose a quality pre stretch film, with the right strength and puncture resistance for your products. Hand wrapping with a pre stretch film is an effective, sustainable and reliable solution. It is also a user friendly option, as there is no need for the film to be stretched manually during wrapping, reducing worker fatigue and injury risk.

Position your pallet in a safe spot with enough space that you can walk right the way around the pallet while wrapping.

Place your goods evenly and securely on the pallet. A column or brick format works well. Wherever possible place heavier items are on the bottom to stabilise the load. It is essential there are no items overhanging the edge of the pallet as this will lead to damaged goods and instability.


Face the outside of the pallet wrap towards the pallet. This ensures the ‘sticky’ side of the material will not be on the outside of your pallets.
Secure the end of your wrap to a corner of the pallet before you begin. This is essential so that the pallet wrap does not unravel during wrapping or shipping.
Start with a horizontal layer around the base of the pallet, overlap each layer to ensure full coverage. This layer needs to be wrapped twice to ensure a strong hold

Once the base is securely wrapped, walk round the pallet gradually working the film upwards and holding the wrap approximately 250cm from the pallet.
With a pre stretched film there is no need to pull or stretch the film, simply maintain the tension as you wrap. The tensions will ensure a secure hold, and the load won’t shift during transit.

Secure, Check, Dispatch!

When you reach the top and have a fully wrapped pallet seal your wrap!
Tuck the ends of the film securely into the layers or seal it with some tape. You want to make sure the film doesn’t unravel during transport.
Take a quick look to ensure everything is in order, check the integrity of you film and wrap, attach all necessary labels and you are ready to go!

For advice on pallet wrap, pallet wrap machinery or indeed on any packaging needs, just get in touch. The team at NPP would be delighted to work with you, and make sure you get the best packaging solutions for your business.

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