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How do I choose what corrugated boxes I need?

How do I choose what corrugated boxes I need?

You already know that when it comes to corrugated packaging, there are a myriad of options. Especially when it comes to ecommerce, the choices are many. But sometimes all those options can be overwhelming. So how do you determine what corrugated packaging you need? 

There are two categories these decisions can fall into. One is related to your product: what are you shipping? The other category is about your customer: what are they expecting when they receive their order? 

Here are some questions to ask that will help you narrow down your options based on your needs.

1. What is the right size of packaging for the product?

2. How fragile is your product?

3. How heavy is your product?

4. What is the goal for the customer’s unboxing experience?

As you can see, the first three questions fall into the first category of product information. Let’s discuss these further.

Right Size

This first question may seem like it has an obvious answer, but you might be surprised. Boxes and packaging usually provide two dimensions: interior and exterior. The interior dimensions describe how much room inside the box for your product; the exterior dimensions state – you guessed it – the space requirements for shipping your box. Both dimensions are important, for your product and for cost, so it makes sense that the question of size is the starting point. 


One of the benefits of corrugated packaging is its built-in cushioning, thanks to the space created by the flutes. But of course products that are quite fragile, such as perfume bottles, will require a bit more planning.  Fragile items require more planning, not more filling. This is another benefit of corrugated packaging: it is so very customisable. That perfume bottle, for example, could have packaging created to hold it gently and evenly so that it arrives to your customer in perfect condition. 

Product Weight

Like fragility above, weight is an important factor to consider when choosing packaging for your product. When it comes to weight capacity, the best box is the sweet middle area: not too delicate that the box doesn’t protect the product, and not excessively thick so as to cost you more for transit. 

Unboxing Experience

And the second category, what is your company’s goal for your customers’ unboxing experience? With ecommerce, the unboxing of your product may be the main interaction your customer has with your company. You can use the packaging to tell a story; in the perfume example, you might share what inspired this particular scent, or tell customers where and how each bottle is created. You can also use the box to include directions for recycling of the packaging to show your customers that you’ve thought of everything, because you have!

Made Your Choice?

Now that you know all the deciding factors of package selection, have you made your choice? Great – NPP has a packaging solution that’s right for you. Still deciding, or have more questions? NPP is happy to answer your questions and help you decide exactly what corrugated box is perfect for you. 

NPP knows that a one size fits all solution doesn’t work for many companies. No matter the size, fragility, or weight of your product, we have a package that will work. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a custom solution for you.

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