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High quality packaging & machinery for retail shops

The priority in the food industry is packaging that protects and maintains freshness while also presenting products attractively. Whatever you are looking to package – meat, produce, dairy, fish, deli products, bakery goods or ready-made meals, you will find the solution you need at NPP.



Sacovitta Bags

Sacovitta are a range of self-adhesive bags for preservation and freezing of fresh food. Whatever your business: delicatessens, butchers, fishmongers, bakeries… you can use our Sacovittas to wrap your fresh food.

The Sacovitta Red Food Bag is perfect for raw or cooked meats, cheese and more. Its adhesive closure lets you open and close the bag several times, preventing the food from drying out, so it is always protected.

The single-use Sacovitta fishmonger bag is suitable for wrapping fresh foods with a high-water content, such as fish, seafood, soft cheeses, etc. The reinforced adhesive provides a strong closure which avoids leaks and makes the products easy to take home.

The Sacovitta Compostable bag offers the same advantages as the standard range but with the added benefit of being eco friendly. The bag is made from 100% compostable raw materials and has an innovative adhesive closure which protects fresh food until consumption.

Deli Paper

This versatile paper is an ideal solution to protect your deli products whilst showcasing your brand and messaging with a bespoke printed design. Printed deli paper is a simple, but highly effective way of enhancing your brand awareness. These papers are perfect for products like cold cuts thanks to their high performance as barriers to grease and moisture.



Table Top Lidding Machine

The VS300 tray sealer is supplied with a die plate custom made for the tray to be sealed. The trays are sealed with either a peelable film or a sealable (welded) film. The machine will work with all types of sealable food trays and films up to a maximum width of 190mm with a maximum tray length of 250mm.

Table Top L Sealer

The machine gives clean seals without the need for expensive Teflon covers. This compact sealer is designed for wrapping hot or cold bakery products such as sandwiches, cakes and rolls in perforated or plain film.

Hand Tray Wrapper

The TWS45 stainless steel table-top tray wrapper is easy to use and ideal for supermarkets, butchers and deli-counters. This machine incorporates two support rollers for the stretch film to be used and a stainless-steel support bridge that allows the film to pass under the product to be wrapped.


Pizza Capper Machine

The PC2000 pizza capper has an adjustable heat control feature which allows it to work with all pizza capping shrink films. Found in many major supermarkets, shops and delicatessens, the PC2000 Pizza Capper is the ideal wrapping solution for stores producing fresh pizzas in-house.


NPP is your one-stop solution for all your packaging and machinery needs. View our range here or contact us for more information about product packaging and machinery.

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