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E-commerce packaging is an important part of brand identity

E-commerce packaging is an important part of brand identity

Since online shopping, or e-commerce, started in the early 1990s, it has been growing exponentially with a significant percentage of people doing their shopping online. For those online shoppers, the first contact they will have with your product is handling the package that has been delivered. Continue reading to find out how e-commerce packaging can affect your brand identity and what you can do to strengthen and improve it.

A unique opportunity to make a strong first impression

You can only make a first impression once and e-commerce packaging is when you get to make that first impression. Using cheap, low-quality materials that break or damage easily in transit can send the wrong message. Having high-quality or even custom e-commerce packaging can communicate to your customers the value you place in their experience and your product.

Send a message about your brand identity with e-commerce packaging 

The type of e-commerce packaging can state a lot about your brand’s identity. If your company prides itself in environmentally friendly products, customers will appreciate it arriving in an equally eco-friendly package that uses less material and eliminates secondary packaging such as foam pellets.

Differentiate your brand from others 

Generic, brown, unbranded corrugated boxes are the typical e-commerce packaging. Differentiate your brand from the competition using custom packaging for your products. You can use the packaging as a place to communicate your brand identity and design it to make the act of unboxing part of the customer experience.

By taking the time to design your e-commerce packaging you can reinforce your brand identity and make the receipt of your product a truly exciting experience for your customers. Having a strong brand identity will improve sales and solidify customer loyalty, and e-commerce packaging is an important factor that will improve these business metrics.

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