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Benefits of Corrugated

Benefits of Corrugated

When considering your company’s packaging needs, corrugated packaging may spark some questions, such as, what is it and what are the benefits? Read on to find the answers. 

Corrugated packaging is comprised of curved arches, called “flutes,” between layers of linerboard. These flutes are the real genius of corrugated fiberboard, because they provide both strength and cushioning. Additionally, the flutes offer a layer of insulation protection when going through a sudden temperature change. 

What other benefits does corrugated packaging offer? Here are three benefits for your company.

Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

1. The strength of the packaging: Corrugated packaging is designed specifically for strength and sturdiness, so it protects everything it holds.

2. The marketing potential: Brands, graphics, labels, and more can be displayed with ease, making packaging more professional. 

3. The customisable packaging options: Corrugated packaging, both exterior packaging and interior cushioning, can come in any shape and size needed.

Strength of the Packaging

It all comes down to the flutes for corrugated packaging. The arches in between the layers of fiberboard are architecturally brilliant, because the curved arch is the strongest kind of support. The arches act as columns between the fiberboard, and these columns are the weight-bearing portion of the packaging. The space between the columns provides cushioning, protecting the package’s contents. 

The cushioning can also be a space-saver, because what takes up a lot of space? Air pillows. Since corrugated packaging is cushioning by design, air pillows, packing peanuts, and other cushioning items may not be required for most non-fragile items, thereby allowing a better-fitting box for your product and more valuable space in transport. 

The corrugated box is solid in its construction and gentle with its cargo, transporting your product to your customer in perfect condition. 

The Marketing Potential

Corrugated packaging is a billboard waiting to be designed – by your brand! Thanks to technological advances, packaging can now double as a marketing piece; your logo, your company’s mission, even pictures of your product can be printed directly onto the packaging. 

This can be really useful for retailers, as consumers are more and more aware of where products come from, what it’s made of, and how it gets to them. The packaging can help you tell the story of your product: where each quilt was sewn, for example, the quilters who sew by hand, and the fair wage they are paid. Additionally, corrugated packaging is made from trees, a renewable source, and is also recyclable.  Let your customer get to know your company through the packaging of the product. 

The Customisable Packaging Options

Corrugated packaging can meet any need, be it big, small, or oddly-shaped. Corrugated packaging does not just mean boxes, although there are plenty of box options for you. There are boxes with handles and boxes with solid sides. There is also corrugated packaging of trays, sheets, and inserts. 

Whether your product is a fridge or fudge, a truckload of strawberries or a takeaway box of strawberry shortcake, there is a corrugated package precisely for your needs. The weight of your product determines how strong the packaging needs to be, and the flutes that determine the strength can also be used to address any temperature changes throughout the shipping and storing process. 

NPP knows that a one size fits all solution doesn’t work for many companies. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a custom solution for you.

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