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5 Reasons to use FIBCs

  1. Cost Effective

FIBC’s are a cost effective bulk packaging solution. They are affordable to purchase and are also extremely economic to transport due to their lightweight nature. FIBC’s can also save you warehouse costs as empty bags take up very little space. 

  1. Flexibility

FIBC’s are an extremely flexible packaging option that can be tailor made to your specific requirements. With safe working loads (SWL), a variety of filling and discharging options, and the ability to transport and store food grade and pharmaceutical products, bulk bags are a great fit for any business that stores and/or transports dry flow-able product(s).

  1. Easy to fill and discharge

It’s easy to integrate FIBC bags into your operation with multiple filling and discharging options and specialty equipment available to assist in the filling and discharging process.

  1. . Environmentally friendly

Most bulk bags are suitable for recycling including those used to store construction materials, chemicals, grains, fertilizers, pigments and plastics.

  1. Fast and easy to transport

FIBC’s have a variety of lifting options. This makes it easy to customize the bag to fit the lifting and transportation equipment that you already have at your facility. With lifting options such as cross corner loops, edge corner loops, additional lift loops, single and double loading belts, it makes it easy to find a lifting option that works for your forklift, crane, and/or hoist at your facility.

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