5 Ways Case Erectors Can Benefit Your Company

If you’re thinking about adding a case erector to your production line, here are five benefits it can offer your business:

  1. Increases productivity

A typical worker can erect three boxes per minute, whereas a basic case erector can handle ten boxes per minute, which is a 233% increase in productivity.

To assemble 2,500 cases, it would take nearly 14 hours by hand, but a Lantech case erector reduces this to just four hours.

  1. Reduces operational costs

If you’ve had to add workers to the packing area because there are bottlenecks, a case erector could make the process faster and easier. This improved efficiency means you can reduce overtime or reassign workers to other tasks, making better use of your labour force.

  1. Reduce repetitive strain and the possibility of injury

Repetitive tasks can lead to strain injuries, and handling cardboard or using a hand-held tape dispenser can cause cuts and lacerations. A case erector significantly reduces the risk of such injuries, protecting your workers from repetitive strain and accidents.

  1. Reduces inventory

Pre-assembling dozens or hundreds of boxes for large shipments can take up valuable floor space. Storing pre-erected boxes is inefficient and space-consuming. With a case erector, you only assemble boxes as needed, saving space and avoiding the clutter of empty boxes.

Since you know that pre-ordering raw materials or pre-erected finished products wastes space, you’ll understand how pre-erecting boxes does the same thing.

  1. Reduces shipping damages

Hand erecting cases can often lead to unsquared boxes, which are weaker when stacked on a pallet. Square boxes can withstand heavier

weights, which means they are less prone to shipping damage. Using a case erector can help ensure products arrive intact and undamaged.

A case erector might seem like an unnecessary extravagance. But when you look at the extra cost and time lost in unproductive work, overtime and injury, you begin to see the benefit a case erector can bring to your company.

Find out how a case erector can help your business e: sales@npp.ie 

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