Air-O-Film® Stretch 250 – Helping To Keep You Warm In Wintertime

Fuel Manufacture

In certain regions across the globe, peat is an excellent and abundant form of fuel. However, the manufacturing of this natural resource poses a number of challenges. In order to transform the loose matter that is harvested into something that can be burned, it must be compressed and the water removed. Achieving this drying process quickly and on an industrial scale means that briquettes typically roll off the production line still warm. This is where the problems began for one customer.

In An Ideal World

The ideal situation would have been for the bricks to be palletised, wrapped straight off the line and then sent to despatch.


The regular stretch film that they were using was causing such a large build-up of moisture that the bricks were often expanding, breaking and even rotting. This meant that in many cases entire loads were being rejected by the customer.

Additional, Expensive Processes

In order to prevent this from occurring, the company was forced to implement additional processes. Once the bricks were formed, they needed be quarantined, unpacked in a separate warehouse so that the heat could escape naturally.

Then, once they were cool, they would be moved back to the production line where they were packed and then moved once again to another area for despatch.

This whole process was not only a logistical nightmare, it was time consuming and very expensive.

The Solution – Air O Film Stretch 250

By using Air-o-Film® Stretch 250 the product was able to cool naturally on the pallet and therefore it could be wrapped in-line. As a result, 7 warehouse operatives were reallocated to other production areas, giving an approximate saving of €175,000. Furthermore, reducing the warehouse requirements by 50% allowed the resource to be used for other purposes, thereby creating additional revenue.

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