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Industrialised Growing

Growers today face more and more pressure in their operations. The time it takes for produce to be picked, packed, shipped and then sold grows ever shorter and all the while the highest possible quality levels must be maintained.

In order to guarantee these quality levels, it is essential for one of our larger customers to wash down their produce in hot water before it is then packed into boxes and sacks. As you can imagine, very often there is a high degree of latent heat still present when the produce is packed.

The Problem With Other Packaging Methods

Corners and straps were considered to be not only too expensive; they were also difficult to dispose of once they reached the retailer. Not only that, where sacks were used it was physically impossible to apply them due to the irregular shape of the palletised loads

Our customer also tried to use a regular stretch film to satisfy their operational requirements. However, they soon found that when the produce was packed, the solid layers trapped in the condensation caused by the latent heat. The subsequent build-up of moisture had a number of knock on effects; it damaged the outer boxes, creating an unsightly load which in turn resulted in customer returns.
In extreme cases the build-up of moisture caused the outer boxes to become so weak that the pallet load actually become unstable. Not to mention the threat of bacteria and mould developing if the loads were stored for any length of time.

Using a regular stretch film our customers found that the produce simply could not breathe in the way that it is supposed to. Corners and straps on the other hand were relatively expensive, time consuming and difficult to fit. Not only this, with green issues at the forefront of consumers’ minds and tough environmental legislation being pushed through by local government agencies, retailers themselves are looking to receive goods that are packaged in materials that can be recycled effectively.

The Solution

By switching to Air-O-Film® Agri the growers were able to make sure that their produce was not only fully secure, it was also able to breathe naturally. As a result, goods arrived in perfect condition, fit and ready to be sold to the consumer. This resulted in less wastage and increased profits. Also, because all Air-O-Film® is easy to remove and fully recyclable, the retailers were able to meet their environmental responsibilities.

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